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Author name: Peter Cohan

Presales Metrics – What to Measure and Why

Presales has entered a renaissance, enjoying increased visibility, emerging tools and communities, and cataloging of know-how and best practices.  This is the perfect time to rethink your vision for your organization (or your personal vision), set goals, assign objectives and explore KPIs to guide you and your team towards achieving your vision.

Great Demo! Chat Recording:  XO: eXtraordinary Outcomes – Episode 34

“We found the origins stories [about the methodology and the book] interesting, but the next sections were particularly useful, as you described and developed many of the Great Demo! key ideas.  The segment on Vision Generation Demos clarified my understanding and your discussion of Technical Proof Demos is an excellent introduction for new people and a great refresher for our Workshop graduates.”

People Buy From People They Trust

B2B buyers expect sales reps to understand their business, but the reality is that buyers perceive that less than 50% of reps actually do. They expect the sales rep to provide a solution, but the fact is that buyers feel that 63% focus on their products. Additionally, while 86% of all buyers expect a trusted adviser relationship with sales reps, they perceive a transactional focus instead.

New Great Demo! Certified Coaching Program

We are delighted to announce that Kerry Sokalsky of Presales Mastery is now a Great Demo! Certified Coach – and has launched an innovative program for Great Demo! Workshop graduates.

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