Author name: Peter Cohan

“Thank You for Your Time…” Alternative

Many vendors offer the phrase, “Thank you for your time…” when starting or completing a meeting with a customer, often adding “I know your time is valuable…” This is courteous, but positions the vendor beneath the customer, in terms of relative importance.

Demo-Ready Lead?

Many organizations have a definition of a “Sales Ready Lead” to differentiate from comparatively unqualified leads – and to help streamline sales processes. How many of you have generated a clear definition of a “Demo-Ready Lead”?

The Great Demo! 2020 Articles Index

There are currently well over 75 articles in our articles page – here’s a handy index to help you find specific topics and explore others. Enjoy!

Expansion and Renewal Demos

“Land and Expand” is the major sales strategy for many software companies and great attention is focused on customer acquisition and on corresponding demos.  But what about securing renewals and expanding your footprint?

Webinar Recording: How to Deliver an Exceptional Remote Demo – A Mini-Clinic

Great Demo!’s Peter Cohan gave a mini-clinic for AnnexQ’s Jeremy Mendoza, walking Jeremy through creating a Situation Slide for his offering and developing a companion Illustration – this is a terrific introduction to several key Great Demo! principles for the unexposed and an excellent refresher for current Great Demo! practitioners.

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