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Deals are Won or Lost in Discovery

How to Better Enable Your Team to Win

A Never Stop Learning! Webinar

Identify and tackle typical obstacles in sales engagement through cutting-edge strategies and tools for sales excellence.

Unlock the Secrets of Discovery in Sales

Deals are Won or Lost in Discovery:
How to Better Enable Your Team to Win

This session, expertly guided by Paul Pearce, President of Great Demo!, delves into the critical stage of the sales process that often determines the outcome of your deals – the discovery phase. Discover the nuances and strategies that transform an ordinary sales conversation into an insightful discovery journey.

Learn how Cuvama’s groundbreaking research sheds light on common challenges and effective tactics to enhance your discovery skills. Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or new to the field, this webinar will equip you with actionable insights to identify client needs more accurately, establish stronger connections, and ultimately drive significant business impact.

Deepen your understanding of effective sales discovery processes.
Witness the following highlights:

Discovery Dynamics and Effective Strategies

Unravel the critical importance of the discovery phase and the comprehensive tactics you need to enhance sales discovery processes.

Research Insights and Success Stories

Analyze Cuvama's research into common challenges faced by presales teams and Jedox's case study for practical insights and strategies.

Overcoming Enablement Limitations

Explore why traditional sales methods fall short and what’s needed for success through guidance from specialists at GreatDemo! and Cuvama.


Paul H. Pearce

President, Great Demo!
Certified Training Partner

Peter Cohan

Founder, Great Demo!
Author & Keynote Speaker

alex smith

Alex Smith

Co-Founder, Cuvama
Value Selling Expert

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Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your sales technique, foster deeper client relationships, and achieve greater success in your sales endeavors.

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