Workshop Overview

The Great Demo! methodology delivers targeted “what’s in it for me?” benefits right up front, followed by rapid, targeted
proof, and then further, more detailed exploration in accord with the audience’s level and depth of interest.

This proven, highly successful method maps extremely well to the specific needs and constraints of audiences that can
include senior management, middle management, end users, and IT staff.

Put the “Wow!” in your demos and focus on the value to customers.

​​​Great Demo! Workshops Compared


2-Day Great Demo! Workshop:

Provides ample time to develop new demos and present them in role-play exercises and enables a broad range of real-life situations to be covered.  2-Day Workshops are also recommended when you want to incorporate ½ a day of Discovery skills, in addition to demo skills – or when the participants’ native language is not English.1.5-Day Great Demo! Workshop.

1.75-Day Great Demo! Workshop

 This is an excellent length Workshop for most organizations, providing a good balance between introducing new concepts and ensuring that all participants enjoy sufficient role-play delivery and feedback opportunities.  We recommend this length for larger teams.  

 1.5-Day Great Demo! Workshop

 This is a good length Workshop for many organizations and is recommended for smaller teams.  There is a good balance of time for the exercises and real-life situation topics.

1-Day Great Demo! Workshop:

Excellent for smaller groups; however, we necessarily cut back on role-play and real-life discussions in comparison to the longer sessions.

Other lengths are possible, as well – contact us to discuss.

​​​Workshop Customization

Great Demo! Workshops are all customized for each customer and each team.

There are (at least) three dimensions of customization involved:

    • Creation and use of specific examples in the Workshop materials and as templates for the role-play exercises (all drawn from your software). These are often specific for each group and are typically the result of the group’s product focus, market/vertical focus, sales process type, etc. Very simply, the examples we use in each Workshop need to be relevant and resonate with the participants.
    • Specific topics of particular interest or challenge. For example, teams often want segments that address the challenges of Virtual Demos (e.g., operating over Zoom, Webex or GoToMeeting), Managing POC’s, Making Demos Remarkable, or Storytelling.  We structure each session in accord with the specific challenges faced by each group of participants.
  • The participants themselves. Each Workshop is tuned in accord with the nature and type of participants involved. For example, some groups include a mix of presales, sales and marketing folks. Others are nearly homogeneous, with only one job title represented. Similarly, some groups consist of seasoned veterans; others have players new to presales or sales.

​Additionally, location and timing is up to you.  Many organizations schedule Great Demo! Workshops in conjunction with Sales Kickoff Meetings or similar events.

Contact Us to discuss your objectives, team and situation – or to receive an example Great Demo! Workshop Overview and Agenda​.