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Why Your Discovery Calls Are Hurting Your Sales

Great Demo!’s Peter Cohan will be joining the fine folks at Demodesk for this webinar:

“I hate to break it to you, but your discovery calls might actually be hurting your sales…

The discovery call is the first time you have a real discussion with your prospect. It sets the tone for the entire deal. It’s important. 

But so many sales reps are unknowingly repeating the same mistakes call after call.

Why is that? And what can they do to fix it?

We’re answering those questions and more in a live webinar with veteran sales coach Peter Cohan and Demodesk’s Joachim Van Erps.

Join us on Tuesday, October 27 at 5pm CEST / 9am PDT for a live webinar that will help you identify common discovery call mistakes and give you the tools to address them.

You’ll get:

  • Live sales coaching to elevate your discovery call process
  • Insight into Peter Cohan’s “Ignition Demos” framework
  • Special offers and supplemental resources
  • A chance to ask your questions

Register for the webinar to save your spot.

See you there!

CEO, Demodesk”

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