When Is 1 + 1 Much Greater Than 2? - Great Demo

When Is 1 + 1 Much Greater Than 2?

Great Demo! is ground-breaking, Doing Discovery is delightfully differentiating, and together they are truly game-changing!

While both methodologies can stand on their own, they are best when combined as an integrated set of practices. Doing Discovery enables Great Demo! and Great Demo! yields successes that feed back into Doing Discovery: It’s a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement!

Which book or course should you consume first? Start with where you think you have the most to gain or (pro tip!) adopt a parallel approach, learning and applying the skills in both books, or take a combined course!

Great Demo! and Doing Discovery Workshops are available worldwide and the books can be found on Amazon in paperback, Audiobook, and Kindle formats. Never Stop Learning!

For those of you who have already embraced both methodologies, where have you seen examples of 1 + 1 >> 2?

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