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What’s the Connection Between Monday Morning and Vision Generation Demos?

Think about what you did first thing on Monday morning. (I mean, after you consumed the comics or the sport scores or other news…!)

You likely did one or both of two things:

  1. Checked the status of your KPIs
  2. Reviewed what you have to do today (or are looking forward to doing, depending on your mindset!)

Vision Generation demos are nothing more (and nothing less!) than presenting the possibility of a much better Monday morning. 

What information would make your Monday morning review more accurate, effective, productive, visible, or timely? What data is lacking or insufficient today and what would its availability mean for you? What improved or new dashboards or reports would enable you to achieve your objectives more effectively or rapidly?

Now put yourself in your prospects’ shoes and ask the same questions, but from their perspective. What dashboards, reports, or screens from your software would improve their situation?

Choose a handful the most compelling of these screens, based on their specific Job Titles. Those are your candidates for terrific Vision Generation Demos!

For more on this extremely effective process, see Chapter 11 Vision Generation Demos in the Third Edition of Great Demo!

Bonus Thought: As a prospect on a Monday morning, would you prefer a crisp, focused Vision Generation Demo or a stunningly awful Harbor Tour?!

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