What Should Purple Cows and Demos Have in Common? - Great Demo

What Should Purple Cows and Demos Have in Common?

(What makes your demos remarkable?)

In 2003, Seth Godin published “Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable” which urged organizations to make and market remarkable products. His major point was that a purple cow stands out from all of the other cattle as unique, intriguing, and noteworthy: It is truly remarkable! (Of course, all of the cows are, ahem, outstanding in their field…)

Sadly, most demos are like all of the other bovines, boring and uninteresting, unremarkable and forgettable. Finding ways to stand out can increase your success rates and reduce the number of demos required to secure an order.

I’m curious: What made a demo you delivered, saw, or participated in truly remarkable? Share what happened!

These could include stories that resonated so strongly that they are still retold today, or the use of props or visual aids that people still remember, or any other examples that made that demo stand out with particular intensely.

What was remarkable?

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