What is the significance of 33334? - Great Demo

What is the significance of 33334?

That’s how many copies of Great Demo! have been purchased (not including those that have been resold or passed around).  This means that at least 33,334 people have been exposed to the Great Demo! methodology – but how many folks have actually changed their habits as a result of reading a book?

People and companies make claims about numbers all the time – for example, I’ve heard vendors claim:

  • “We have 2500 customers…”  (But how many of these are actually happy, referenceable customers?)
  • “We’ve trained 100,000 people…”  (But how many of these are actually applying the training?)
  • “Our customers report 50% more productivity and 25% less waste…” (But is this most or many customers – or just one?)

Accordingly, I am curious:

  1. If you’ve read Great Demo!, what kinds of improvements have you seen with your demos?
  2. What ideas from the book have had the most impact for you?
  3. And finally, what parts of the book would you like to understand more clearly – e.g., specific ideas or implementation with your software and sales practices?
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