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Unleashing Exceptional Results with Great Demo!

unleashing exceptional results with great demo!


A compelling and effective demo methodology can be the difference between winning and losing deals. Demos today have different requirements. The shift toward digital platforms and virtual interactions has accelerated, and buyers now expect more streamlined, impactful, and flexible engagement experiences. The following information highlights how the Great Demo! methodology delivers dramatic improvements in sales outcomes and customer success, validated through extensive studies and real-world applications. Below are reasons that other clients report choosing Great Demo!



Great Demo! represents a transformational change rather than a simple refinement or optimization of traditional demos. Unlike other solutions that offer minor tweaks or incremental improvements, Great Demo! fundamentally redefines the approach to demonstrations. The methodology is designed to create a substantial, positive shift in how demos are conducted, focusing on truly engaging and captivating the audience from the outset. If a client’s goal is to merely make slight modifications to its existing traditional demo strategy, many solutions may help. However, if an organization aims to significantly enhance and revolutionize its demos with a robust, validated methodology that has consistently demonstrated success, then Great Demo! is the only choice.  It is a fact, Great Demo! is the only methodology validated by the research of thousands of winning demos and sales cycles. The methodology ensures that your demos are not only effective but also memorable and impactful, leading to better engagement, shorter sales cycles, and higher close rates.

At the core of Great Demo! is the principle of “Do the Last Thing First.” This approach starts with the most compelling aspect or key outcome of the solution that the audience cares about, capturing their interest from the outset. By addressing critical business issues early on, Great Demo! ensures the solution’s relevance and impact are immediately clear.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Great Demo! emphasizes real-time tailoring of demos, responding dynamically to audience reactions and interests. This flexibility allows presenters to address questions on the spot, making the sales demo more interactive and personalized, thus enhancing engagement and effectiveness.

Enhanced Storytelling

Great Demo! excels in storytelling, transforming demos into compelling narratives that resonate with the audience. This method ensures that the message is not only clear but also memorable and impactful.

Interactivity and Engagement

Shorter, focused demos leave more room for audience questions, making the conversation feel more interactive. Presenters appear more trustworthy as they focus on essential points rather than pre-answering potential questions. Research from Gong.io highlights that successful demos maintain a balanced interaction between presenter and audience, fostering engagement and encouraging questions.

Customization and Real-Time Adaptation

Great Demo! encourages quick adaptation based on audience feedback, providing a less prescriptive, more interactive framework that can be tailored on the fly. This adaptability helps in delivering demos that are relevant and impactful.



Studies involving tens of thousands of demos have extensively validated the Great Demo! methodology. Key concepts such as “Do the Last Thing First,” “Inverted Pyramid,” “Peel Back the Layers,” and “Vision Generation Demos” have been proven to yield outstanding results. Notably, Gong.io has validated the effectiveness of Great Demo! in their research on sales demos, further confirming their impact on sales success. You can find more information in the following article: Data-backed Sales Demo Tips.

Figure 1: Great Demo! concepts referenced by Gong

Problem-Solving Focus

The methodology prioritizes demonstrating how the product addresses specific challenges faced by the audience. By directly linking features to needs, Great Demo! strengthens the case for the solution and maintains audience interest, ensuring demos are not only informative but also persuasive.



Clients report that the Great Demo! methodology emphasizes thorough practice and implementation, with three to five roleplay sessions per workshop, depending on its length. These sessions are where the most impactful learning and actual implementation occur. Participants receive live coaching and feedback from highly qualified instructors, ensuring they effectively apply what they’ve learned in real-world scenarios.

In contrast, some vendors offer self-service modules, which fail to drive significant change. Studies have found these online learning modules to be ineffective, with completion rates for non-mandatory training as low as 10% due to factors like lack of time, interest, and organizational support. Instead, Great Demo! provides live and interactive training, allowing students to benefit from immediate feedback, enhanced engagement, tailored learning, collaboration opportunities, networking, accountability, interactive problem-solving, and personalized coaching. We complement the training with a full post-training enablement package that equips leaders with the tools to lead, reinforce, and maximize the retention of the training. This comprehensive approach enables leaders to monitor best practices, address specific needs, foster active participation, enhance team dynamics, and drive significant change.



The Great Demo! methodology is highly personalized for each customer and each team, ensuring alignment with specific needs and goals. The investment in discovery with each client includes learning about their platform, understanding each team’s strengths and weaknesses, and other relevant elements. This comprehensive approach involves watching numerous demos, reviewing recorded demos, and meeting with team leaders. This level of customization ensures the training is highly relevant and impactful. Customers often report that this investment into personalizing the training is why they chose Great Demo!



There is a commitment to continuous experimentation, evolution, and improvement within the Great Demo! methodology. Content and methods are regularly updated to reflect the latest best practices and feedback from clients. The methodology has seen its 3rd Edition with its newest book recently released. Additionally, the company writes, researches, and distributes articles every week to ensure its students and clients remain up to date with the latest trends and best practices. This dedication to innovation keeps this methodology highly relevant and at the forefront of demo practices.

Success Metrics

Great Demo! has consistently delivered outstanding results for its clients. Here are some of the tangible and intangible benefits reported by organizations that have implemented this methodology:

Tangible Returns:

  • Gains of 10% or more in improved close rates overall
  • Demo win rate increases of 25-75%
  • Reduced “No Decisions” by half
  • Reduced sales cycle length by 50%
  • Reduced cost-of-sales by 25%
  • Reduced “wasted demos” by 50%
  • Free POCs and evaluations transformed into paid events
  • Eliminated or reduced the need for POCs and evaluations
  • Increased deal size and breadth by 2x – both licenses and services

Intangible Benefits:

  • Smoother, more successful achievement of customer success milestones
  • A crisp focus on business outcomes and business value
  • Participants’ prospects report a more solution-oriented, consultative, customer-centric approach from the field organization
  • Establishes positive differentiation from competitors
  • Dramatically improved discovery – “You really listened to us…” comments from customers
  • Substantial improvements are often reported in communications between sales and presales, and in team practices
  • Reinforcement of existing sales methodology investments
  • High-value “Informal Success Story” information is captured and reused
  • Many organizations report increases in the overall morale of the presales team as a result of investing in their professional development
Figure 2: Comparison Chart – Great Demo! vs. Others


About the Author

Paul H. Pearce has over 25 years of sales and executive leadership in Sales, Presales, Field Enablement, and Business Development.  As the first certified Great Demo! and Doing Discovery training partner, Paul has mastered the methodologies and today contributes to its ongoing success helping organizations dramatically increase sales and success.  As the President of Great Demo! LLC, Paul has consulted and trained hundreds of organizations and practitioners and recommends ways to increase sales and customer success through proven methodologies and real-world experience.

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