Two Presales in a Pod – Digging into Discovery - Great Demo

Two Presales in a Pod – Digging into Discovery

How much discovery is enough, and is a disco demo a good thing or bad thing? Peter Cohan joined legume-man Adam Freeman for this 38-minute exploration of:

  • How do you know enough discovery is … enough?
  • An illustrative story about visiting two doctors – and the answer to the “enough?” question
  • Personality differences and “enough”
  • Trust and relationship – and discovery
  • Asking even when you already know the answers
  • Prospects need to feel “heard”
  • Culture-based discovery questions
  • POCs vs discovery
  • Vendor job perspective: salespeople vs presales vs implementation vs customer success
  • The Curse of Knowledge revisited
  • What to do if something is missing
  • Going further than just uncovering pain
  • Pain vs Critical Business Issues and risk avoidance
  • Vision Generation – earning the right to discover
  • “Just Browsing” vs “Active Buying Process” prospects – and No Decision outcomes
  • Two great final questions
  • Sharing the info during discovery (very effective!)
  • “Disco Demos” defined – when should they be used?
  • “Monday Morning” as a paradigm for Vision Generation Demos
  • The Disco Demo sad reality
  • Shameless self-promotion!

You can find the recording here on Apple and here on Spotify. Enjoy!

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