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Traditional Demos Are Easy, But…

Traditional demos are easy, but often don’t achieve the desired objectives. Great Demo! demos take more work but yield terrific results!

Traditional demos are often delivered without any real thought (“I could do this asleep…”); Great Demo! demos are stimulating for both the vendor and the prospect.

Traditional demos show how things work; Great Demo! demos start with the deliverables desired by the prospect.

Traditional demos show all the options; Great Demo! demos focus on what is actually important to the prospect.

Traditional demos expose all of your differentiators risking “Buying It Back”; Great Demo! demos emphasize the differentiators that are truly relevant.

Traditional demos start with, “Stop me if you have any questions, I’d like this to be interactive…”; Great Demo! demos start with a crisp summary of your prospect’s situation – driving real interactivity.

Traditional demos ask, “Any questions so far?” followed by “Nope, we’re good…” or the sound of crickets in an empty room; Great Demo! demos enable a rich, mutual conversation to take place.

Traditional demos are often the next step after qualification; Great Demo! demos are the next step after discovery.

Traditional “intro” demos are often painful Harbor Tours; Great Demo! Vision Generation Demos are the crisp cure!

Traditional demos suffer an average of 30% waste; Great Demo! demos are highly leveraged.

Traditional demos often result in several more traditional demos for the same prospect; Great Demo! demos often result in completing the technical sale.

If you’d like to explore moving from traditional demos to the Great Demo! approach, consider reading Great Demo!, Doing Discovery and/or enrolling in a Public or Company-specific Workshop.


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