Tomorrow’s Great Demo! Tuesday is about ‘CBIs’, hosted by Natasja Bax, in Amsterdam ( If you have time, mark your calendar to join us at 11 AM CET. To attend use the link to the Zoom meeting below.

Critical Business Issues are business-critical issues for which people and/or companies are willing to invest time, money and resources. We will discuss why knowing customers’ Critical Business Issues is essential for successful demos and how to differentiate pain points from CBIs.

This is an interactive session, please prepare a set of questions. If you have urgent issues, please send them to us before the meeting, to ensure we’ll discuss them.

I look forward to seeing and hearing you online. Please, unlock your camera and mic so we can all become friends. This meeting is part of a series of Great Demo! Tuesdays.

Zoom ID: 897 104 180 Access code: 066881 Link:

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