The Sales Hustle Podcast – Great Demo! & Doing Discovery Insights - Great Demo

The Sales Hustle Podcast – Great Demo! & Doing Discovery Insights

“Sales, presales, and the tools that get us there…” I joined Miles Martin for this 40-minute exploration of:

  • Intro – with a reverse!
  • Experiences being the prospect – and a new perspective on demos
  • The need to turn demos upside down and Do the Last Thing First
  • Discovery – where the problems begin…
  • Being different
  • Biggest gaps in demos
  • One size does not fit all!
  • Demos need to be tailored to individual job titles
  • CRM systems as an example
  • Slice and dice, via discovery, what individual job titles want and need – and use cases
  • 13 different job titles!
  • Product growth and demos
  • A mini horror story!
  • Demo structure – making dinner as an analogy
  • The ineffectiveness of traditional demos
  • Restructure your demo in accord with your prospects’ interests – and desired deliverables
  • A comment about sausage (as another analogy)
  • Key elements of discovery – and perspective
  • Solutions to the “Just show me your product” demand – Vision Generation
  • Technical Proof Demos – done after discovery
  • A doctor example – malpractice!
  • 5 pieces of information needed for each prospect Job Title – An example with Miles…
    • Critical Business Issues vs problems/reasons/pain
    • Specific Capabilities – and to show is your demo
    • The Value of making the change – the gap
    • Critical Dates – when and the driving force
  • Ready to demo – and reduced risk of “Do Nothing”, a No Decision outcome
  • No Decisions consume 45% of B2B forecasted opportunities – and how to reduce this number
  • The 3 reasons for No Decision outcomes
  • The fallacy of “We need this yesterday…”
  • What do you do with your discovery info?
  • Traditional overview “Harbor Tour” demos
  • Starting your demo with a Situation Slide
  • Uncovering desired deliverables in discovery
  • Presenting your demo – starting from the desired deliverables
  • Fewest number of clicks!
  • Peeling Back the Layers – conversationally
  • Driving real interactivity vs “Any questions so far?”
  • Some comments about demo automation – terrific opportunities!
  • “Choose your own adventure” tools and examples
  • Advantages for both the vendor and the prospect
  • Complacency puts you at risk: Never Stop Learning!
  • Dunning Kruger and Mt. Stupid – “They don’t know what they don’t know…”

You can find the recording here. Enjoy!

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