Demo Tip: Go Full Screen!

I can’t tell you how many folks presenting demos forget (or don’t know) to enter full screen mode in their browser for browser-accessed applications. I

Handy Zoom Tool in PowerPoint

PowerPoint has a very useful but rarely used zoom/magnify tool in Slideshow mode (in PowerPoint 365 for Windows only, sorry Macintosh folks…).  It works as follows:

More Presales Tools!

Here are two more tools to explore. Success is a dream-come-true for managing POC’s; Jiminny is another call-recording analysis/coaching tool with a focus on the practitioner first.

Presales Tools Tools Tools!

Here are a handful of emerging and established tools – either created specifically for presales and/or having terrific application for presales folks.  We are listing each with text from the vendor followed by a few of our comments. 

Terrific Zoom Tip

You can use your spacebar as a “push-to-talk” button when your microphone is muted in Zoom. 

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