Too Complex – A True Demo Disaster Story

Here’s the true story of how a demo directly resulted in the loss of $245,000 from an order. It’s also a stunning example of why not to show all those neat, cool features…

Trade-Show Best Practices

Here are a handful of practices to improve interactions (and lead generation) at trade-shows, conferences and expositions…

The Database “Breakeven Point”

How long does it take before a newly installed database becomes useful?
How long will it take before value is realized? Are there mechanisms to speed up the process?

Death by Corporate Overview

We often hear the question, “How much of our company’s corporate overview presentation should we include in customer meetings?” Good question. The answer: as little as possible!

The Great Demo! Top Ten List

You – the selling team (sales and presales) – must know what you want to accomplish before you begin and plan your demo meeting with these objectives in mind – it’s a Team Sport.

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