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SKO Planning – Great Demo! Sessions

January and February are popular times for Sales Kickoffs – and we are already booking dates for Great Demo! events in early 2022.  

Contemplate including a Great Demo! Seminar to stimulate thinking and begin the process of change, or schedule a Great Demo! Workshop to train the team.  Seminars and Workshops can be face-to-face or delivered virtually.  Topics include:

  • Great Demo! Fundamentals
  • Hybrid Demo Meetings – Opportunities and Realities of Mixed Face-to-Face and Virtual Demos
  • Managing POCs and Evaluations (for Fun and Profit)
  • Storytelling and Demos
  • Vision Generation Demos – the Crisp Cure for Stunningly Awful Harbor Tours
  • Demos for Expansion and Renewals Scenarios
  • The Perfect Demo Environment
  • The Perfect Presales/Sales Partnership
  • Great Demo! Approaches for Enabling the Channel
  • Seven Levels of Discovery
  • Driving Interactivity in Virtual Demos
  • And More…

Contact us to discuss organizing a custom session for your team!

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