April 22 at 9:00 AM Pacific Time, 12:00 Noon Eastern Time, 18.00 Central European Time.  Register for this webinar here!

Many sales and presales practitioners say they are skilled at doing Discovery – but are they?  Where are you on this progression?

We’ll discuss a simple method to assess, based on six levels of increasing proficiency, culminating in a seventh level – an integrated Discovery Methodology:

  • Level 1: Uncovers statements of pain.
  • Level 2: Uncovers pain and explores more deeply.
  • Level 3: Uncovers pain, explores deeply, broadens the pain and investigates the impact.
  • Level 4: Uncovers pain, explores and broadens, investigates impact and quantifies.
  • Level 5: Uncovers pain, explores and broadens, investigates impact, quantifies and reengineers vision.
  • Level 6: Applies these skills to the broad range of customers represented across the Technology Adoption Curve, including “burn victims”, disruptive and new product categories, highly transactional sales cycles, and other scenarios.
  • Level 7: Integrates and aligns the skills above into a cohesive Discovery methodology.

In this webinar, we’ll explore each of these along with the potential impact on your sales, renewals, and expansion processes.  Looking forward to your participation…!

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