Real Fake Names Tool for Demos and POCs – A Perfect Demo Environment

In my article on A Perfect Demo Environment I note that one of our objectives in a demo is to “Suspend Disbelief” and the use of obviously fake names and data hurts our cause.  Well, here’s a tool that generates realistic name, address, and related information for use in demos, POCs, and other processes:

Matt Lambson of provided this information (thanks, Matt!).  Please see the FAQ comments about giving attribution and licensing:

This may be a terrific tool to support building your Perfect Demo Environment – check them out!

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  1. I use via their API to pull names / details into a form I can populate users into my Lab with. Saves a lot of time trying to think of a good random name that you dont have. So long, John and Jane Doe 😀

    Having a custom form to push users into my lab means I can select the use case I want them to be part of on the fly which is super helpful!

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