Presales Warning: beware! - Great Demo

Presales Warning: beware!

Broad, generalized statements about presales are exactly as useful and accurate as broad, generalized statements about any other discipline! (Like this one!)

Why post this?

Recently, a presales tools vendor posted the results of their survey declaring that the average “Sales Rep:Sales Engineer Ratio” is currently 2.9:1.

While this may be a general average based on the data they collected, it should NOT be accepted as the “right” way to manage resources.

For example, there are vast differences in effective Sales:Presales ratios depending on:

  • Market and/or vertical
  • Complexity of products
  • Buying/sales cycles
  • Prospect/customer location on the Technology Adoption Curve
  • And many others

Even WITHIN a single vendor, Enterprise ratios could be closer to 1:1, Mid-Market might be 3:1, and SMB might be 6-10:1.

Analyze and understand your OWN space to determine the optimum sales:presales staffing!

(And try to ignore the Anchoring Effect of that vendor’s report…!)

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