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Presales / Sales Discovery Partnering Pragmatics

Many sales and presales teams struggle to determine who should do what discovery with their prospects. Here’s a simple strategy: Use Great Demo! Situation Slides as the target for discovery (and a “Demo Qualified Lead”), and split the responsibility in accord with your strengths.

There are 6 elements to a Great Demo! Situation Slide, which can be divided as follows:

  • Job Title / Industry: Sales should identify the target person or people.
  • Critical Business Issue: Sales should determine the Critical Business Issue for the target individual(s).
  • Problem / Reasons: This is where discovery collaboration between sales and presales should typically begin: Sales should be able to determine some of the pain points, generally more business oriented; presales may also contribute pain points, generally more technically
  • Specific Capabilities: Presales should complete this section, which also provides presales practitioners the information they need to prepare a focused demo (a Great Demo!).
  • Delta (the value): Again, sales should uncover business related value elements and presales can contribute technically related value components.
  • Critical Date: Finally, uncovering a Critical Date should be sales’ responsibility (but presales may be able to assist).

Doing Discovery is a team sport!

Bonus! Completing these 6 Situation Slide elements will help you to avoid the dreaded No Decision outcomes as well!

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