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Presales Metrics: What Are Your Goals, Objectives and KPIs?

What are yours?

To refresh, goals express your overarching aspirations and provide the first step of clarifying vision.  Another way of articulating goals is to ask, “What are our desired outcomes?”  For example, “We want our customers to be truly delighted with our products and services.”

Objectives define the specific strategies for achieving your goals.  Aligning to the “delighted customers” goal above, an example objective might be, “We need to onboard our customers as quickly and successfully as possible” or “We need to ensure that customers enjoy the expected value from their investment with us.”  Note that a single goal might involve several objectives.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) express and measure progress towards realizing an objective.  For the onboarding objective above, “Time-to-Go-Live” is a KPI as is “Time from Go-Live to getting the first value from use.”  Monitoring these enables you to establish baselines and track progress.

What Goals, Objectives, and KPIs have you established and track in your presales organization?

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