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Presales: A Multi-Dimensional Cultural Ecotone

“An ecotone is a transition area between two biological communities, where two communities meet and integrate.“

Ecotones, such as coastal and mountainous regions, are richly diverse, where plants and animals exploit the unique opportunities for food, shelter, and social engagement.

Presales, as a role, inhabits a similar richly diverse cultural ecotone at the confluence of prospects, customers, sales, products and technology. Prospect and customer size, vendor size, market vertical, and technology and change adoption are just a few of the dimensions that define a particular presales cultural ecotone. It is by doing discovery that you can characterize your specific space.

While customer success folks, salespeople, and marketing teams may each enjoy a portion of this overall ecotone, it is presales that has the opportunity to explore and live in this unique niche!

How would you describe the characteristics and dimensions of your specific cultural ecotone?

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