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Old vs New – Why Upgrade to Great Demo! Third Edition?

Great Demo! first appeared in 2003 – twenty years ago – and represented a major change in the process of preparing and delivering software demos, based on the revelation of “Do the Last Thing First!”

The second edition was published in 2005 and included additional chapters and enhancements to the methodology. It’s a great book presenting a highly effective and validated demonstration methodology.

The 2005 edition is still terrific, if outdated regarding some of its technology references. I don’t believe any organization still uses “overhead projectors” and we are highly unlikely to need a standalone modem for a demo at a customer site anymore. I hope.

Great Demo! practices have evolved, and new methods have emerged, been tested, and hardened through day-to-day use. The Third Edition of Great Demo! brings these new skills and techniques to all customer-facing vendor staff, including presales, sales, customer success, professional services, and marketing: It’s for everyone who touches a mouse or taps a screen in front of a customer!

What’s new?

Great Demo! is now two books in one! Part 1 focuses on the core Great Demo! methodology while Part 2 offers skills, tips, and truly best practices for:

  • Complex Demo Scenarios
  • Vision Generation Demos
  • Virtual Demos
  • Storytelling
  • Elements of Style
  • Other Forms of Proof (e.g., POCs, POVs, etc.)
  • Your Demo Environment
  • Implementing the Methodology

If you are new to demos, this is the place to start!

If you are an existing Great Demo! practitioner, this Third Edition serves to update, refresh, and expand your skillset.

And if you’ve been exposed to other demo skills, this is the opportunity to advance to a methodology that has been validated in studies of tens of thousands of demos!

Great Demo! Third Edition is available in paperback, Kindle, and Audiobook versions. You can also contact me for volume purchases as well at PCohan@GreatDemo.com. Looking forward to your feedback on this new edition!

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