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“Doing Discovery” is coming…!

The book provides a methodology for a structured approach to doing discovery for B-to-B software.

Webinar Recording: Storytelling and Demos

What makes an engaging story? How do you use stories in your demos in a way that connects to your audience? Join Demostack’s Master Storyteller, Nick Capozzi, as he and expert demo coach and founder of Great Demo!, Peter Cohan, break down what it takes to craft a compelling story around your demo.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to wrap a story around your demo – or not!
  • How great discovery leads to better storytelling.
  • What makes a story great?
  • How to use stories to support key concepts, pain points, solutions, and expertise.
  • Why stories can be the most memorable parts of demos – and how to take advantage of this!

You can find the recording here – enjoy!

Webinar Recording:  Rescue From the Tyranny of Traditional Demos

Ask yourself:

  • Have you ever felt like you have far too much to show in a demo – and insufficient time to show it?
  • Have you ever said, “I’d like this to be interactive…” but you don’t get many questions?
  • And when you ask, “Any questions so far?” you hear, “Nope, we’re good…”
  • Have you even run out of time before you got to the best stuff?
  • Have you ever felt like your audience just didn’t “get it”?
  • You are likely suffering from the tyranny, the terror, and the trap of traditional demos.

Watch the recording as we explored these challenges and presented intriguing, effective, and validated approaches as solutions!


Great Demo! Terminates Relationship with the PreSales Collective/PreSales Academy

I am sad to report that I have terminated my partnership with the Presales Academy and the Presales Collective. I do not agree with their program, their directions, or their principles.

– Peter Cohan


Lead Limbo? – Burning Presales Podcast

“How do you qualify good prospects and deal with people ‘just browsing’?”

Peter Cohan once again joined Consensus’ Aaron Janmohamed in this 12-minute conversation. We covered:

  • What is a qualified lead?
  • How do you distinguish between a lead that is in an active buying process vs. those who are just browsing?
  • Avoiding Lead Churn
  • Vision Generation Demos – examples with Legos and cooking shows

Browse this podcast for yourself here!

Burning Presales Podcast – Discovering Discovery

What exactly is good discovery and why is understanding it so important?

Great Demo!’s Peter Cohan joined Consensus’ Aaron Janmohamed for this 15-minute exploration of:

  • A surprising story about discovery skill levels
  • Research vs. Qualification vs. Discovery
  • Discovery On-the-Fly (When and when not to use)
  • Discovery elements examples
  • Discovery as a methodology

You can discover this episode for yourself here.  Enjoy!


Paul’s Practical Presales Partnering Principles – Pragmatic, Practiced, and Proven!

Great Demo!’s Paul Pearce joined Patrick Pissang for this impromptu, but extremely insightful discussion of real-life presales-sales partnering. There are some really excellent ideas here!

We suggest folks fast forward to minute 13:30, where the interview begins. Fun and very informative!

You can find the recording here. Enjoy!


Webinar Recording Available Shortly: A Perfect Demo Environment – Revealed!

Peter Cohan, author of Great Demo!, and Daniel Hellerman, CPO of Saleo discussed the pillars of Peter’s article “A Perfect Demo Environment“, and used those teachings, along with Saleo’s Demo Experience Platform, to create the perfect sales demo environment live inside the world’s leading SaaS tools.

We explored:

  • Stop Apologizing: In your demos, how often do you find you are apologizing for an inability to demonstrate capabilities, complete workflows, or present compelling results and reports?
  • Include Problems: Learn to show that your tools can find the customer’s problems and directly address those problems or enable solutions.
  • Don’t Call It a Demo: One of our objectives in a software demo is to “suspend disbelief”. Anything that looks real helps our cause; anything that appears fake is going to hurt us. Learn how to build realistic demo environments in minutes, not days.
  • Personalize, Customize! Have you ever seen a demo presented to a large construction firm that used example data from the banking industry? (I did – it failed…) Learn how to easily align your demos to the market you are selling to.

You can find the recording here – enjoy!

Webinar Recording: Are You Using No-touch, Low-touch, and Ignition Demos to Your Advantage?

Ignoring passive “just browsing” buyers may cause you to jeopardize tomorrow’s prospects. 

Great Demo!’s Peter Cohan joined MercuryGate International’s Karen Oxenford-Melcher and Omedym’s Greg Dickinson for this discussion of:

  • How MercuryGate has implemented, adopted, and enjoyed tangible success with Great Demo!
  • What is an Ignition Demo and how does it help both the buyer and the seller?
  • How MercuryGate progresses buyers from no-touch and Ignition Demos delivered on the Omedym platform to more effective high-touch Great Demos!
  • MercuryGate’s success with demo technology for no-touch and low-touch engagement
  • How the digital demos give you more time to utilize Great Demo! methodology

We presented a concrete plan on how to save time and focus on qualified “high touch” demos that help close deals. 

 You can find the recording here. Note that you’ll likely need to register and then check your email for access… Enjoy anyway!


DEMOFEST 2022 Session Recordings – Full Access

Good news! The fine folks at Consensus have made all of the DEMOFEST sessions easily accessible here, whether you registered previously or not.

Here are sessions from the Great Demo! Team:

Build Trust and Eliminate Credibility-Crushers on Video – Julie Hansen. Excellent, immediately actionable tips and practices for engaging audiences over the web. This is a terrific presentation!

Stunningly Awful Demos: Insufficient Customization – Peter Cohan. In which I examine why demos fail due to the lack of sufficient customization, and then address five dimensions of customization that yield more successful outcomes. I close with a handful of simple, yet very effective techniques to improve your win rates.

Scaling PreSales: How to organize your PreSales teams when Resources are scarce, Customers are more demanding, and Software evolves at the speed of light – Natasja Bax. This extremely thoughtful and thought-providing presentation explores strategies and tactics for aligning presales teams with your go-to-customer motions.

Category Creation of Demo Automation – I joined this Keynote Panel Discussion. DEMOFEST closed with this shorter segment, exploring life, liberty and the pursuit of demo automation (or, as I suggest, “Buyer Experience Enablement”).

Hope you find the sessions useful!



Upcoming Great Demo! Public Workshops

EMEA September 6-8 (Virtual)

NEW! North America September 7-9

Our next EMEA Great Demo! Virtual Public Workshop is scheduled to take place September 6-8 for folks in Europe and the UK time-zones. Click here for more information – or contact Natasja Bax for more information.

 Our next North America Great Demo! Virtual Public Workshop will take place September 7-9. You can find registration and related information here. Contact Art Fromm for additional details.


SKO and QBR Sessions

At your next SKO or QBR, contemplate including a Great Demo! Seminar to stimulate thinking and begin the process of change or schedule a Great Demo! Workshop to train the team.  Seminars and Workshops can be face-to-face or delivered virtually.  Topics include:

  • Great Demo! Fundamentals
  • Hybrid Demo Meetings – Opportunities and Realities of Mixed Face-to-Face and Virtual Demos
  • Managing POCs and Evaluations (for Fun and Profit)
  • Storytelling and Demos
  • Vision Generation Demos – the Crisp Cure for Stunningly Awful Harbor Tours
  • Demos for Expansion and Renewals Scenarios
  • The Perfect Demo Environment
  • The Perfect Presales/Sales Partnership
  • Great Demo! Approaches for Enabling the Channel
  • Seven Levels of Discovery
  • Driving Interactivity in Virtual Demos
  • And More…

Contact us to discuss organizing a custom session for your team! 


Other News!


Great Demo! Certified Coaching Program

 We are delighted to announce that Kerry Sokalsky of Presales Mastery is now a Great Demo! Certified Coach – and has launched an innovative program for Great Demo! Workshop graduates.  This is a terrific opportunity to achieve superior execution of the Great Demo! methodology in a 1-on-1 setting:

Retention of even the best sales training can wane over time if not regularly practiced and reinforced.  Presales Mastery’s Great Demo! coaching program reiterates and builds on the concepts learned in Great Demo! Workshops by evaluating and coaching participants on their use and execution of Great Demo! practices in demos to actual prospects.  In doing so, clients both protect and augment their training investments.

 Participants are coached on multiple demos over a 3-month period using an online coaching platform (to share and retain feedback) and live coaching calls.  The coaching spans three primary areas:

  • Detailed Demo Feedback: 15-30 points of feedback that specifically target the greatest opportunities for improvement
  • The Great Demo! Performance Scorecard: Over 75 metrics track participant’s adherence and execution against the methodology taught in Great Demo! Workshops
  • The Presales Mastery Demo Performance Scorecard: 95 demo best practices metrics across 13 categories objectively measure each individual’s detailed performance and coaching progress, and allow for performance comparisons across the team

 Participants of the Great Demo! coaching program see enhanced retention and superior execution of the Great Demo! methodology over time as core concepts are reinforced and coached in the context of real-world demos delivered to prospects.  Clients’ improved demo performance typically results in win and deal progression rate improvements of 10%-20%.

 At the conclusion of the coaching program, detailed analyses of scorecard data are provided for each individual participant and the entire team, providing clients with blueprints for future enablement, and objective data for use in performance reviews and evaluations.”

 Contact Kerry for more details!


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Great Demo! Public Workshops and Master Classes

Great Demo! Public Workshop opportunities now span the globe (well, nearly).  Registration and additional information for these sessions can be found as follows:

EMEA September 6-8 (Virtual)

NEW! North America September 7-9 Virtual)

Our next EMEA Great Demo! Virtual Public Workshop is scheduled to take place September 6-8 for folks in Europe and the UK time-zones. Click here for more information – or contact Natasja Bax for more information.

Our next North America Great Demo! Virtual Public Workshop will take place September 7-9. You can find registration and related information here. Contact Art Fromm for additional details.

Other Possibilities:

  • Other Dates/Locations – Contact Peter Cohan if you have a desire for other dates and locations, or have questions.

Public Workshops are excellent opportunities for individuals, small groups or for teams that have new hires. They are typically 1.75-Day Workshops, with the first day focusing largely on core Great Demo! material and the second half or three-quarter day addressing more advanced topics and techniques.


Master Classes:

Public Master Classes bring your team’s demo and Discovery skills to a truly outstanding level of practice:

– Take your team’s demos to the next level
– Develop high-performing Questioning and Discovery skills
– Master complex situations of multiple players and solutions
– Explore more challenging situations, beyond the “core” methodology
– Reward and provide incentive for your team overall

Master Classes are typically 1.5-Days in length.  Participants are expected to have completed a Great Demo! Workshop previously.


Great Demo! LinkedIn Group and User Community – Now Over 7900 Members – Wow!

 We have an active Great Demo! Group on LinkedIn – and you are welcome to join. There are now over 7900 members in the Group, many of whom are Great Demo! practitioners. We post topics and ideas for discussion, tips, and information on new tools. Group members are contributing their own thoughts, adding comments to existing dialogues and raising new topics.

We are working diligently to keep the Group as high-value a tool for the community as possible: Postings are monitored, members are vetted, and the Group is kept spam-free. We do encourage carefully selected job postings from vendors with openings (but not from recruiters) and individuals looking for new opportunities.

Think of the Group as an online Great Demo! User Community.

Great Demo! Book Accolades

Over 36,000 copies of Great Demo! have been purchased by readers around the world, to date (including over 3350 copies of the Amazon Audiobook). Additionally, the book has been awarded the Reader’s Choice designation (twice!) by the publisher. Authors earn the Reader’s Choice award after receiving the Editor’s Choice designation and achieving large sales volumes. In addition to paperback, Kindle, Nook and PDF versions, Great Demo! is also available in audiobook format from Amazon – please note that the voice in the Audiobook is not that of Peter Cohan (he reads the book too fast for a good recording)!  Our Blog and Articles (available on the Resources pages of this website) and Great Demo! LinkedIn Group are designed to provide an evergreen extension to the book – you are welcome to explore both – let us know if you’d like to see a 3rd edition to the book published.