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Webinar Recording:  Fabulously Successful Presales/Sales Partnering Principles

“Our job is to make you fabulously successful…!” proclaims a senior presales leader to her sales counterparts.  But how do we make this a win-win-win scenario for sales, presales, and customers?  We explored best (and worst) partnering practices for:

  • Sales/Presales Models
  • Discovery
  • Vision Generation Demos
  • Solutioning
  • Technical Proof Demos
  • POCs and Related
  • Dealing with Reality

You can find the recording here.  The recording was started a bit late, but you only miss the introductions, for the most part – enjoy!

Great Demo! Supporting the PreSales Academy

The Great Demo! team is delighted to announce a relationship with the PreSales Collective to provide and teach Great Demo! methodology elements for key sections of the PreSales Collective’s PreSales Academy.  Specifically, the PreSales Collective will use Great Demo! in the PreSales Academy’s Discovery, Demonstration, and Types of Technical Validation segments.

While the presales community is enjoying a renaissance in the availability of presales’ tools and skills training options, there is a growing need for presales practitioners.  The PreSales Academy seeks to bring new faces into presales, particularly from outside the software industry and from other disciplines within the industry.  The Academy training is designed to provide these people with basic, company-independent skills and knowledge to kick-start and accelerate the availability of presales candidates as new hires. 

The Great Demo! Discovery, Demonstration and Types of Technical Validation segments for the Academy are a subset of the full methodology, tailored specifically for the general, foundational objectives of the Academy.  These segments will be facilitated by Great Demo! Partners and Principals in live sessions, with testing to assess the participants’ retention of the key ideas.  Volunteers from the PreSales Collective are supporting the effort with coaching and role-play feedback.

In addition to these essential volunteers, the Great Demo! team encourages other presales vendors to support the Academy by providing similar industry-hardened training for other Academy segments.  Our overarching objective is to enable the presales community to grow – in numbers, to meet the critical need for presales practitioners and to accelerate the community’s development of richer skills and know-how.

Great Demo!’s Peter Cohan offered, “This represents a major step in providing industry-wide academy programs for presales that complement existing training.  We are delighted to participate and look forward to the first cohorts joining the workforce as presales new hires.”

The PreSales Collective’s Co-Founder James Kaikis stated, “PreSales is the best job that no one has ever heard of.  PreSales Academy (PSA) provides a stepping stone to breaking into the technology industry in a role that is not only incredibly important, but in demand.  PSA will open doors for the next generation of PreSales talent and play a vital role in bringing diversity to our wonderful profession.”

Yuji Higashi, PreSales Collective Co-Founder, commented, “PreSales is an incredibly rewarding career that more people should have access to.  With PreSales Academy, we’re excited to create a new pathway to PreSales, giving people who otherwise may not have the opportunity, the chance to change the trajectory of their careers and their lives.  Thank you to Great Demo! and everyone who has contributed to building PreSales Academy”.

Contact us if you have questions or comments. 


Other News!


New Great Demo! Certified Coaching Program

 We are delighted to announce that Kerry Sokalsky of Presales Mastery is now a Great Demo! Certified Coach – and has launched an innovative program for Great Demo! Workshop graduates.  This is a terrific opportunity to achieve superior execution of the Great Demo! methodology in a 1-on-1 setting:

Retention of even the best sales training can wane over time if not regularly practiced and reinforced.  Presales Mastery’s Great Demo! coaching program reiterates and builds on the concepts learned in Great Demo! Workshops by evaluating and coaching participants on their use and execution of Great Demo! practices in demos to actual prospects.  In doing so, clients both protect and augment their training investments.

 Participants are coached on multiple demos over a 3-month period using an online coaching platform (to share and retain feedback) and live coaching calls.  The coaching spans three primary areas:

  • Detailed Demo Feedback: 15-30 points of feedback that specifically target the greatest opportunities for improvement
  • The Great Demo! Performance Scorecard: Over 75 metrics track participant’s adherence and execution against the methodology taught in Great Demo! Workshops
  • The Presales Mastery Demo Performance Scorecard: 95 demo best practices metrics across 13 categories objectively measure each individual’s detailed performance and coaching progress, and allow for performance comparisons across the team

 Participants of the Great Demo! coaching program see enhanced retention and superior execution of the Great Demo! methodology over time as core concepts are reinforced and coached in the context of real-world demos delivered to prospects.  Clients’ improved demo performance typically results in win and deal progression rate improvements of 10%-20%.

 At the conclusion of the coaching program, detailed analyses of scorecard data are provided for each individual participant and the entire team, providing clients with blueprints for future enablement, and objective data for use in performance reviews and evaluations.”

 Contact Kerry for more details!


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Great Demo! Public Workshops and Master Classes

Great Demo! Public Workshop opportunities now span the globe (well, nearly).  Registration and additional information for these sessions can be found as follows:


  • Our next North America Great Demo! Public Workshops is scheduled for March 22-24 please contact Paul Pearce for details.

  • Our next EMEA Great Demo! Virtual Public Workshop will take place November 30 – December 2.  You can find registration and additional information hereContact Natasja Bax for further details.

  • For 2022, our next EMEA Great Demo! Public Workshop is scheduled for March 8-10.  You can find registration and additional information here.   Contact Natasja Bax for additional details.

Other Possibilities:

  • Other Dates/Locations – Contact Peter Cohan if you have a desire for other dates and locations, or have questions.

Public Workshops are excellent opportunities for individuals, small groups or for teams that have new hires. They are typically 1.75-Day Workshops, with the first day focusing largely on core Great Demo! material and the second half or three-quarter day addressing more advanced topics and techniques.

Master Classes:

Public Master Classes bring your team’s demo and Discovery skills to a truly outstanding level of practice:

– Take your team’s demos to the next level
– Develop high-performing Questioning and Discovery skills
– Master complex situations of multiple players and solutions
– Explore more challenging situations, beyond the “core” methodology
– Reward and provide incentive for your team overall

Master Classes are typically 1.5-Days in length.  Participants are expected to have completed a Great Demo! Workshop previously.

Great Demo! LinkedIn Group and User Community – Now Over 7500 Members – Wow!

 We have an active Great Demo! Group on LinkedIn – and you are welcome to join. There are now over 7500 members in the Group, many of whom are Great Demo! practitioners. We post topics and ideas for discussion, tips, and information on new tools. Group members are contributing their own thoughts, adding comments to existing dialogues and raising new topics.

We are working diligently to keep the Group as high-value a tool for the community as possible: Postings are monitored, members are vetted, and the Group is kept spam-free. We do encourage carefully selected job postings from vendors with openings (but not from recruiters) and individuals looking for new opportunities.

Think of the Group as an online Great Demo! User Community.

Great Demo! Book Accolades

Over 34,500 copies of Great Demo! have been purchased by readers around the world, to date (including over 2950 copies of the Amazon Audiobook). Additionally, the book has been awarded the Reader’s Choice designation (twice!) by the publisher. Authors earn the Reader’s Choice award after receiving the Editor’s Choice designation and achieving large sales volumes. In addition to paperback, Kindle, Nook and PDF versions, Great Demo! is also available in audiobook format from Amazon – please note that the voice in the Audiobook is not that of Peter Cohan (he reads the book too fast for a good recording)!  Our Blog and Articles (available on the Resources pages of this website) and Great Demo! LinkedIn Group are designed to provide an evergreen extension to the book – you are welcome to explore both – let us know if you’d like to see a 3rd edition to the book published.