“Must read for any PreSales professional” - Great Demo

“Must read for any PreSales professional”

“I wish I had read this book when I first started in PreSales. It is full of valuable frameworks for success, including situation slide format, demo outlines, recommended meeting agendas, and how to calculate deltas (i.e. build a business case), just to name a few.

It’s an easy read; I finished it in one weekend. The book is peppered throughout with demo horror stories, sidebars, exercises, and axioms. These break up the text into chunks and often provide levity. For example, he likens bad demos to the experience of falling off your bike and being offered everything EXCEPT what you need most (bandages and aspirin) by “helpful” passersby.

I am excited to apply the teachings to my next demos. I look forward to reading his other book, Doing Discovery. (Insufficient discovery, according to Cohan, is the single largest reason why traditional demos fail, and I absolutely believe this.)”

– Recent review of Great Demo! by a presales Rising Star!



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