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Paul H. Pearce

Certified Training Partner

Paul H. Pearce

About Me

Paul H. Pearce brings over 22 years of executive and technical sales leadership experience to Great Demo! As the first certified Great Demo! training Partner, he has mastered the Great Demo! methodology and today contributes to its ongoing success and growth. Having rolled out the Great Demo! methodology to the sales and presales organizations he has led, he understands the intricacies of the training and recommends ways to increase its success with practical lessons and real-world experience.

He has held leadership roles in Sales, Presales, Field Enablement, and Business Development. He most recently served as the Global Vice President of Solution Consulting for Ellucian where he has implemented the Great Demo! methodology leading to significant value transformation. Paul is now dedicated full time to Great Demo! as an advisor, coach and instructor. Paul has authored several Great Demo! Master Series topics including the 5 Imperatives, a presales sales methodology designed to dramatically increase the adoption of best practices within sales teams.

Paul resides in South Dakota and Illinois and supports an international Great Demo! customer base. His interests include travel, real estate investing and management, public service, and spending time with his spouse and family outdoors.


Storytelling isn’t an art, it’s a science — and we teach it. With poorly structured demos being one of the main reasons that sales fail, we’ll teach you how to keep your customers engaged so that your

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