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Natasja Bax

Certified Training Partner

Natasja Bax

About Me

Natasja Bax has been running her own business, The DemoScene, for over 10 years, delivering demo, discovery and presentation skills training and coaching. The DemoScene is the Great Demo! partner for EMEA, delivering all Great Demo assignments in the region with a team of 3 people. Before starting the DemoScene, Natasja worked at SAP, first as a presales professional, later switching to enabling SAP partner transitioning from implementation services focus to becoming resellers. Natasja has strong understanding of all kinds of software solutions, varying from ERP to BI to virtualisation, from software solutions for the pharma industry to retail to professional services. Leveraging all those years of experience in presales and training/coaching, Natasja directly pinpoints the areas in need of improvement and maximizes the performance of individuals and teams in an energetic and uplifting manner. Her feedback is personal, honest, and always focused on the best results.

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