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Art Fromm

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Art Fromm provides real-world application of the Great Demo! methodology having been in roles as an enterprise software end-user and implementer, Sales Engineer, Account Manager, Sales Manager, and Sales Enablement Director.

Art began his career as a Mechanical Engineer but quickly moved into enterprise software applications, responsible for implementations, which led to sales roles where he routinely surpassed revenue and performance targets. Building on this 20-year history, he moved into an internal Sales Enablement role in 2000, and in 2004 founded his own company with a focus on helping Account Managers and Sales Engineers win more business – Team Sales Development (TSD).

Art has developed and delivered dozens of different types of workshops for Project Managers, Sales Engineers, Account Managers, Channel Teams, and Partner Sales audiences, including Opportunity Management, Consultative Selling, Webinar Mastery, Customer-Buying Process, Negotiation Skills, and Financial Selling.

You will benefit from Art’s broad experience, as evidenced by the impact he has had on his client’s business including in one case improving win-rate from 58% to 74%. Art’s highly interactive facilitative style and ability to relate to individual participants, has become a hallmark of workshop delivery around the world. Art has worked with organizations in the IT, Telecom, Software, Manufacturing, Supply-Chain, and Engineering industries, to name a few.

Art holds a BSME degree from the University of Buffalo, a Project Management Certificate from the University of Alabama, and has studied adult learning principles and training development through Friesen, Kay, and Associates.

Art lives in Pittsburgh, PA, enjoys spending time with his spouse and family, traveling for business and pleasure, working on remodeling projects, and helping family and friends.

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