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Discovery and Demos for Transactional Sales Cycles – When More Must Be Less (And Less More)

Is it possible to complete an introduction, engage with a Vision Generation Demo, segue into a Discovery conversation, deliver a brief Technical Proof Demo, and execute a soft close in a 45- or 60-minute call?


Expansion Questions – An Essential Discovery Skill

Expansion Questions are a series of interrelated questions designed to span five of the Discovery skills levels, from uncovering pain to reengineering vision. They are a simple, yet essential skill to master in doing Discovery – enabling vendors to extend, deepen, and quantify your prospect’s main pain and related impacted areas.

Your Persona Demo is Failing!

The breakdown with persona-based demos is the lack of ability to fully connect the challenges your audience is having with the value your solution provides.

Success-Ready Leads: A Provocative Definition of “Qualified Lead” Based on Customer Success Parameters – and Its Impact on Presales, Sales and Customer Success

Here’s a novel idea: Front-load your pipeline with prospects that are most likely to succeed!

‘Twas the Night Before the Big Demo

‘Twas the night ‘fore the demo and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, ‘cept my SE and his mouse;

The Great Demo! 2020 Articles Index

There are currently well over 75 articles in our articles page – here’s a handy index to help you find specific topics and explore others. Enjoy!

Expansion and Renewal Demos

“Land and Expand” is the major sales strategy for many software companies and great attention is focused on customer acquisition and on corresponding demos.  But what about securing renewals and expanding your footprint?

The Advantages of Being the Incumbent Vendor – And Its Impact on Managing Competition, Renewals and Expansion Sales

Let’s explore some of the advantages enjoyed by being the incumbent vendor and how you can leverage this position for renewals and expansion sales, while holding your competition at bay.

Lunch and Learn Demos

Lunch and Learn demo meetings are terrific vehicles for securing renewals and driving expansion.

Why DID They Buy? – Fabulous Fuel for Sales, Presales and Customer Success

Here’s a novel idea: Go visit your new customers a few months after they purchased your software and well after they have deployed it into production use

Demo “Storylines”: The Journey, The Destination, or Both

Many software vendors talk about “The Journey” or “The Customer’s Journey” as a storyline for their demos. We need to ask ourselves, however, what is important to the customer?

The Zoom Scan – What It Is, Why It Is Important, and How to Do It

We now need to translate our Face-to-Face Scan to web meetings…! So, here are some simple guidelines for developing your personal Zoom Scan (or WebEx Scan etc.):

Ignition Demos – A Rather Huge Unmet Need and Opportunity

Prospects that are “Just Browsing” are underserved in traditional sales approaches yet consume valuable and expensive presales resources.

Stunningly Awful Web “Overview” Demos – The Gruesome Anatomy of a Traditional 1-Hour Web Overview Demonstration – And Some Solutions

In which we identify a number of common challenges with “overview” demos – and offer solutions.
[Warning – graphic and potentially painful content ahead…!]

The Surprising Road(s) to Demo and Presales Mastery

This article explores the road(s) towards demo and presales mastery – and may change your perceptions whether you are experienced or new to the discipline.

Stunningly Awful Demos – The 2020 Great Demo! Top Ten List of What NOT to Do

Here’s a collection of poor tactics, bad errors and faulty steps you can take to increase the likelihood that your demo will be a failure. We recommend that you avoid doing these things!

Using Analogies and Metaphors (and More) in Demos

Well-crafted analogies and metaphors1 help our audiences remember the key ideas we present in our demos. Some examples are very effective, others could be improved… Let’s explore!

COVID-19, Presales, and Leadership

This is a critical time for presales folks to leverage their trusted advisor status to lead and guide our customers in operating and communicating over the web. Let’s step up to this challenge!

Seven Habits for Stunningly Successful Demos

Here are seven demo success factors that lead to closed business.

Great Demo! Remote Demos Best Practices

Want a horror story?
I’ll give you a teaser: The punchline is, “Nope, I’m good…”

Stunningly Successful Great Demo! Implementation – A Practitioner’s Perspective

Some folks start making changes right away. Others watch to see how it goes with their peers. And (sadly) a few ignore the investment completely…

A Perfect Demo Environment…

In your demos, how often do you find you are apologizing for an inability to demonstrate capabilities, complete workflows, or present compelling results and reports? Far too often, in many cases!

Lego Creator Image

A Story of LEGOs and Demos

The wonderful thing about “toolkit” software offerings is that they can do so many things – the challenge is that the customer often doesn’t know what’s possible – they have no vision of a solution…

When is the Right Time to Demo?

Have you ever wondered what the best time of day is to perform a demo…

What’s the Value of Better Demos

For the clueless, not a thing. But for those who are awake and aware, better demos are exceptionally valuable…

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