Is This Important? - Great Demo

Is This Important?

In demos, how many times can you say, “Now, this is important!” before nothing is?

I was watching a recorded demo from a customer and I noticed that the presenter seemed to say, “This is important!” rather frequently. Curious, I replayed the entire 1-hour demo and counted: There were nineteen instances of various flavors of “This is important!” That’s nearly once every three minutes.

These included:

  • “This is important!”
  • “Now this part is important!”
  • “This is an important feature!”
  • “Now this is crucial!”
  • “This is a critical function!”
  • “This is really important!”

You gotta love the last example! Did it mean that all of the other “important” things weren’t so important?

How many times can you say “important” or similar in a demo before it loses any meaning?

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