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Is “Super” the new “Awesome”?

I’ve been listening to a large number of demos and Discovery calls lately and noted a new trend:  “Super” may be the new “go to” word for vendors in conversations with customers.

Previously, Awesome was the clear winner, including its derivatives.  Here’s a list that I compiled last year from live or recorded calls:

An Awesome List of Awesomeness – Ranked from Awesomeleast to Awesomemost:

  • Sort of awesome
  • Kind of awesome
  • Pretty awesome
  • Awesome
  • Really awesome
  • Even more awesome
  • So awesome
  • It’s SO awesome
  • Awesomely awesome
  • Super awesome
  • A ton of awesome
  • It’s Awesomer Sauceomer
  • Triple awesome
  • Software + Solutions = Awesomesauce
  • Pretty super awesome, awesomely speaking

Sadly, however, Awesome seems to be losing favor and now often appears to be relegated to punctuation:

  • Prospect:  “This problem is really bad and getting worse…”
  • Vendor:  “Awesome!”
  • Prospect:  “I mean, people are being fired…!”
  • Vendor:  “Awesome!”

And while Awesome’s tide is ebbing, Super is in full flood. Here are a few examples from vendor reps in the past few weeks:

  • “I’m super excited to talk with you…!”
  • “This is super comprehensive…!”
  • “Doing this is super easy…!”

Personally, I’m looking forward to when someone is asked, “How are you doing?” and they reply, “I’m super, man…!”

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