Introducing “Great Connection!” – Dramatically Increase Interactivity Over Zoom/WebEx/GoToMeeting - Great Demo

Introducing “Great Connection!” – Dramatically Increase Interactivity Over Zoom/WebEx/GoToMeeting

These 90- to 120-minute sessions for small groups will have you connecting and driving interaction with your audiences effectively and confidently when using Zoom/WebEx/GoToMeeting and similar tools.


  1. We’ll introduce and discuss the best practices and tips
  2. And each participant will put the ideas into practice in the session.

We’ll practice:

  • The use of annotation tools
  • Whiteboarding over the web
  • Parking questions over the web
  • Enabling audience members to drive or annotate
  • The Pause button
  • Improving your webcam interactions
  • Pre-meeting set-up practices (e.g., checking latency and full screen mode)
  • And (gently but firmly) pushing audiences for feedback and responses

And for those doing webinars or large sessions (with microphones muted):

  • Using chat and Q&A along the way
  • Individual unmuting and muting of audience members
  • And other (rather clever) tips and best practices

You’ll putting these skills to terrific use in your very next web demos and presentations – driving interactivity like you’ve never seen before!

Great Connection! Pragmatics

  • We’ll use the tool you typically use (e.g., Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting).
  • Group size is limited to 8 participants per Great Connection! session.
  • Duration is 90-120 minutes (plus 10 minutes of set-up).

Contact us at to book a Great Connection! session right away – because your ability to communicate successfully over the web is more important now than ever!

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