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In Doing Discovery and Delivering Demos, What’s an Expert?

I’ve heard numerous people identify themselves or others as “experts” in executing discovery and presenting demos, which makes me wonder: What’s a practical definition of an “expert”?

I’d suggest the following…

A “Novice” is someone who is learning their products, their markets, their prospects and customers, and how to connect and execute discovery conversations and demonstrations successfully.

A “Journeyman”, on the other hand, is someone who can consistently and confidently execute successful discovery and demo processes.

This then begs the question, “What’s an expert?”

Have you ever been in the midst of a demo or discovery call and thought, “Oh! I’ll bet I could do this is part better!” or suddenly came up with a potential improvement to try out?

I’d suggest that a true expert is one who listens to these thoughts and takes action. An expert is someone who is constantly looking to improve their practices. An expert is willing to try new ideas and explore new methods. An expert takes small risks to actively experiment, test, and apply new learnings to get better!

Are you a Novice, a Journeyman, or an Expert?

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