How Buyer Enablement is Changing Discovery – DEMOFEST Silicon Valley Presentation

Great Demo!’s Peter Cohan will be joining DEMOFEST in Palo Alto in person for this 55-minute presentation on Wednesday August 31 at 2:00 PM. We’ll explore:

How many of us have actually purchased enterprise software? What did we dislike about the process – what did we appreciate? How can we, as vendors, enable both novice and experienced buyers to make their buying and value realization processes as frictionless and successful as possible? What is the role of discovery in supporting these efforts?

We’ll then introduce seven levels of discovery skills and present a structured approach to doing discovery – a methodology enabling rich discovery conversations that are mutually beneficial to both vendor and prospect. We’ll discuss how discovery as a methodology provides the ability to track and coach practitioners at all levels to achieve high levels of performance and consistency. Finally, we’ll examine how using “tech touch” tools like Consensus enable discovery to take place earlier and with a buyer enablement mindset.

But wait, there’s more!

Peter will be bringing copies of his new book Doing Discovery and will be happy to sign them for you at the conference. You are welcome to bring your own copy to be signed, as well! You can find Doing Discovery here.

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