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DEMOFEST Free Passes

Scheduled for May 12-13, Consensus’ DEMOFEST looks like it will be bigger (and better), with three sets of parallel tracks.  Use this code for free admission to the full event (along with the recordings): df21cohan Note that this code expires April 20… You can find...

Demo Data – Another Angle

I’ve blogged about the need for demo data to reflect real-life problems and situations, including the ability to find and surface problems, identify opportunities, and explore exceptions.  I can add one more to the list:  the ability to identify certain gaps – when...

“Customer Fill-in” – A Terrific Demo Tip

I was watching a series of demos that highlighted vendors’ customer-facing intake forms and portals – and all of these demos exhibited the following SAD (Stunningly Awful Demo) artifacts: The vendors claimed that end-customers can complete the process “in 5 minutes or...

How Do You Determine the Technical Win?

The goal for many presales teams is to secure the Technical Win or Technical Close.  I’m curious, what criteria or measurement do you use to determine whether the Technical Win has taken place? For example, is your definition based on the opinion of one or more...

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