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Handy Zoom Tool in PowerPoint

PowerPoint has a very useful but rarely used zoom/magnify tool in Slideshow mode (in PowerPoint 365 for Windows only, sorry Macintosh folks…).  It works as follows: (Assuming you are in Slideshow mode) -     In the lower left corner of the presenter view (lower left...

More Presales Tools!

Here are two more tools to explore.  Pudding is a dream-come-true for managing POC’s; Jiminny is another call-recording analysis/coaching tool with a focus on the practitioner first. Pudding From the Vendor: Pudding is the Proof of Concept (POC) management platform...

Using Analogies and Metaphors in Presales – Podcast

“On the PreSales Podcast, James Kaikis and Peter Cohan connect on the topic "Analogies and Metaphors in PreSales”. Peter, founder and principal of The Second Derivative and the Great Demo! methodology, talks about how using analogies and metaphors in your sales cycles...

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