Your Persona Demo is Failing!

The breakdown with persona-based demos is the lack of ability to fully connect the challenges your audience is having with the value your solution provides.

SKOs and “Swipes” – Making Remembering Memorable!

Want a terrific way to ensure that your SKO participants remember the key take-aways?  Try using Swipes, a simple, very effective idea that was first introduced to me during a SKO meeting at McLeod Software by Rick Halbrooks, McLeod’s head of sales (and long-time Great Demo! senior practitioner). The idea is very simple.  At the end of […]

Upcoming Webinar:  Demos as a Team Sport – The Roles of Sales and Presales in Great Demos

 January 19 at 9:00 AM Pacific Time (12:00 PM Eastern Time, 6:00 PM Central European Time) Preparing and delivering demos should be perceived as a “team sport” when two or more people are involved on the vendor’s side. The days of “…and heeeeere’s my Demo Monkey…!” should thankfully be over (we hope!).  But what are […]

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