Great Connection!

Great Connection! – Dramatically Increase Interactivity Over Zoom/WebEx/GoToMeeting 

These 90- to 120-minute sessions for small groups will have you connecting and driving interaction with your audiences effectively and confidently.


  1. We’ll introduce and discuss the best practices and tips
  2. And each participant will put the ideas into practice in the session.

We’ll practice:

  • The use of annotation tools
  • Whiteboarding over the web
  • Parking questions over the web
  • Enabling audience members to drive or annotate
  • The Pause button
  • Improving your webcam interactions
  • Pre-meeting set-up practices (e.g., checking latency and full screen mode)
  • And (gently but firmly) pushing audiences for feedback and responses

And for those doing webinars or large sessions (with microphones muted):

  • The use of the chat tools
  • Using Q&A along the way
  • Individual unmuting and muting of audience members

You’ll be able to put these skills to terrific use in your very next web demos and presentations – driving interactivity like you’ve never seen before!

Great Connection! Pragmatics

  • We’ll use the tool you typically use (e.g., Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting)..
  • Duration is 90-120 minutes (plus 10 minutes of set-up).

Contact us at to book a Great Connection! session right away – because your ability to communicate successfully over the web is more important now than ever!