Great Demo!’s Peter Cohan and Julie Hansen presented the following:

Discovery and Demo Strategies and Tactics for Transactional Sales Cycles – Peter Cohan

Is it possible to complete an introduction, present a Menu and Vision Generation Demo, segue into a Discovery conversation, deliver a brief Technical Proof Demo, and execute a soft close in a single 45- or 60-minute call?


In this session, we explored the strategy and mechanics to accomplish this…

You can find the recording here – enjoy!

Dramatically Increase Interaction in Virtual Demos – Julie Hansen

Virtual audiences are notoriously passive during demos. Blank faces stare back at you. Your questions go unanswered. As an SE, hearing only your own voice is painful and rarely leads to a successful outcome. In this session you’ll learn subtle shifts and hard tactics that encourage greater customer interaction and engagement in your virtual demos.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to read customer body language on video
  • 5 ways to get your questions answered
  • How to organize your demo for maximum engagement
  • Your Virtual Engagement Toolkit – and when to use it
  • 3 tips for managing large groups

You can find the recording here – enjoy!

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