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Demo Tip: Go Full Screen!

I can’t tell you how many folks presenting demos forget (or don’t know) to enter full screen mode in their browser for browser-accessed applications. Instead of only seeing their software, we see the open tabs, bookmarks and toolbars in their browser and the applications in their Macintosh Dock or Windows Taskbar.

Operating this way has (at least) three problems:

  1. You are only using 80% of the available screen for your application (about one fifth of my MacBook screen is consumed by non-app items)!
  2. Prospects look at your tabs to see what you are browsing… (Anyone have any horror stories to share about this?)
  3. And, intriguingly, you are making your application look more complicated.

So, try this experiment yourself, without a customer present:

  1. Start an example demo in your browser as you normally would, and see what things look like.
  2. Now, turn off your Bookmarks Bar, your Toolbars, etc., and then Enter Full Screen mode (these commands are typically found in the View menu or hot keys, e.g., fn-F or F11).
  3. Compare!

You will likely notice:

  1. Your see more of your software screen;
  2. No potentially embarrassing tabs;
  3. And your software looks less complicated!



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