Demo Don’t #8  Don’t Use the Annotation and Other Tools in Your Online Demos: “Can you see my screen…?” - Great Demo

Demo Don’t #8  Don’t Use the Annotation and Other Tools in Your Online Demos: “Can you see my screen…?”

Here are wonderful ways for you to show your software in the worst possible way when demoing online (using Zoom, Teams, Webex, GoToMeeting, etc.):

  1. Don’t use the annotation tools, chat, whiteboards, pause, or any of the other capabilities that drive interactivity. Instead, hit the Share button and ask, “Can you see my screen?” Then talk and click and talk and click for the balance of the time!
  2. Present nonstop for long stretches of time: Going six, ten, or fifteen minutes without a “check-in” with your audience is a great plan. This gives them time to leave the meeting to refresh their coffee, use the toilet, make lunch, take their dog for walk, etc. Bonus: Ask, “Does that make sense?” when you do finally check-in!
  3. Leave your mouse cursor at the small default size and move it constantly and rapidly throughout the demo. Your tiny cursor will undoubtedly cause your audience to lean close to their screens to follow your action.
  4. Circle your mouse rapidly around areas of interest on your screen to draw attention. Your prospect will be fatigued or dizzy in no time!
  5. Ignore the fact that successful demos are a conversation with your prospect where “speaker-switches” should take place an average of every seventy-six seconds.

Solution? Driving interactivity is the name of the game for success with online demos. Use the annotation tools and other capabilities in your online tool! Check in with your audience frequently. Cure Zippy Mouse Syndrome by mousing smoooooohtly and deliberately. See Chapter 13 “Virtual Demonstrations” in the Third Edition of Great Demo!


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You can find the full set of DO’s and DON’Ts in Great Demo!:


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