Demo Don’t #1  Be unclear about your Prospect’s Needs: “The Harbor Tour.” - Great Demo

Demo Don’t #1  Be unclear about your Prospect’s Needs: “The Harbor Tour.”

Offer and deliver a demo hoping that your prospect will see something of interest, eventually. Also known as “Living in the Land of Hope,” prospects refer to these long, tortured demos as:

  • Show-up and throw-up
  • Spray and pray
  • Tech splatter
  • The IKEA demo (“How do I get out of here…?!”)
  • Whisky-Tango-Foxtrot, and, of course,
  • The Harbor Tour (“Oh God, it’s the Harbor Tour Demo…” The prospect boards the boat, is driven around the harbor for three hours while continually being asked, “Have you seen anything you like so far?” And they can’t get off the boat until the end of the ride!)

Inexperienced presales and salespeople often inflict these demos on their prospects as a replacement for doing discovery. Jaded presales folks often feel forced to resort to these demos when they receive little or no pre-demo information from their sales colleagues.

Solution? Do discovery, if your prospect is willing, or deliver a Vision Generation Demo and then move into discovery! (See Chapter 11 in the Third Edition of Great Demo!)

This is #1 of The Stunningly Awful Demos Top Ten List – you can find all ten (plus a bonus) here!

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