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Demo Do: What’s the Significance of 76 Seconds?

That’s the average time between “speaker switches” in the most successful demos (from a Gong study of thousands of software demos a few years ago; “speaker switches” take place when the prospect and vendor engage in a conversation).

76 seconds: just a minute and a quarter.

How long is 76 seconds? It’s about the time it takes to heat a cup of water, coffee, or tea in a small microwave. It’s how long it takes to travel 1 mile at ~47 mph; or 1 km at ~47 km/h.

More importantly, 76 seconds is (on average) how long you should talk in a demo before you seek a response, a comment, or a question from your prospect. That’s the timing sweet spot!

So, if you get a verbal reaction from your prospect after a one minute of presenting, that’s terrific! Two minutes is good. Three minutes is OK. But if you are speaking for four, six, eight minutes or longer without any prospect response, you are at risk!

In traditional demos, speaker-switch times are 4-8 minutes or longer. The result? When vendors ask, “Any questions so far?” the result is, “Nope, we’re good…” or the sound of crickets in an empty room.

The most successful demos are conversations!

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