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Demo Do: Take a Page from Recipes

Ever notice how nearly every recipe online opens with an image of the completed dish, the end result? And ever notice how they don’t start by showing the ingredients or the steps?

Why do you think they do this?

It’s because one of the most effective ways to entice people to explore a recipe is to show them the completed product. If it looks delicious, we are much more likely to give it a try!

(Of course, if it doesn’t look good, we are much less likely to follow it! And, if there is no photo at all, like some old cookbooks, we probably won’t even read the recipe…)

The same principle applies to software demos: Audiences want to see the end result first. Then, if the result looks (ahem) appetizing, they may want to learn how it works and the steps involved.

I first discovered this principle around 1999 when I was a prospect on the receiving end of vendors’ demos. The idea evolved into a practice and then the full Great Demo! methodology, subsequently validated in studies of tens of thousands of demos.

Great Demo! continues to advance, improving win rates while offering elegant and effective solutions to painful “overview” demos (by applying Vision Generation demos), reducing No Decision outcomes (through efficient pre-demo discovery), increasing retention via compelling storytelling techniques, and many more practices.

For some delicious bite-sized appetizer ideas, explore the blog and articles on the Resources pages at For a richer dining experience, consume the Doing Discovery and Great Demo! books (both available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle, and Audiobook formats). And for a complete hands-on experience to improve your demo and discovery skills, enroll in a Great Demo! or Doing Discovery Public or company-specific Workshop!

Bon appétit!

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