Demo Do: Post-Demo Reviews - Great Demo

Demo Do: Post-Demo Reviews

How many of you do regular post-demo reviews (aka “curbside reviews”)? What do you assess? For example:

  • What went well?
  • What could have been done better or differently?
  • What resonated and what did not?
  • Was discovery done sufficiently and was it accurate?
  • What were the action items for both parties?
  • Were there any surprises?
  • Did you achieve your objectives? Did your prospect achieve theirs?

How often are your post-demo reviews done?

  • Always
  • Most of the time
  • Occasionally
  • Never

Who participates?

  • Sales
  • Presales
  • Sales management/frontline management
  • Presales management/frontline management
  • Others (who?)

In my experience, those who complete regular thoughtful, structured post-demo reviews enjoy increased rates of improvement in their demos and discovery processes yielding higher win rates and faster sales cycles. How about you?

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