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Doing Discovery

Peter E. Cohan

A head of sales commented, “80% of my team believes they do a good job with discovery, but sadly they do not – they don’t know what they don’t know…!”

Where do you stand with your discovery skills?

  • Level 1: Uncovers statements of pain
  • Level 2: Uncovers pain and explores more deeply;
  • Level 3: Uncovers pain, explores deeply, broadens the pain and investigates the impact
  • Level 4: Uncovers pain, explores and broadens, investigates impact and quantifies
  • Level 5: Uncovers pain, explores and broadens, investigates impact, quantifies and reengineers vision
  • Level 6: Applies these skills to the broad range of prospects represented across the Technology Adoption Curve, “burn victims”, disruptive and new product categories, transactional sales cycles, and other scenarios
  • Level 7: Integrates and aligns the skills above into a cohesive discovery methodology.

Most sales, presales, and customer-facing teams are operating at Level 2 or 3, with a few at Level 4 – this leaves a lot of room for improvement!

And, as Cohan notes, “the vendor who is perceived by the prospect as doing a superior job in discovery is in a competitively advantageous position.”

Reading and following the exercises in Doing Discovery can transform individuals, teams, and organizations from undifferentiated sellers into high-performing practitioners who achieve their sales objectives while truly enabling buyers, resulting in mutually successful outcomes that endure.

Well over 1000 copies of Doing Discovery have been purchased in the past couple of months, including over 100 Audiobooks, and we are hearing positive feedback from those who have begun to put the ideas into practice. Reports include:

            Much more effective first demos

            Elimination of overview demos and Harbor Tours

            Increased sales and buyer velocity

            Avoidance of unnecessary POCs

            Becoming the preferred vendor over competition

 The advantage goes to those of you who adopt early – get your copy here!

 (Great Reading for the holidays!)


Great Demo!

Peter E. Cohan

Great Demo! is in its second edition and was substantially updated to address new situations and best practices. Over 37,000 copies have been purchased, including over 3500 Audiobooks.

A complete chapter addresses Remote Demos (e.g., via Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting and similar tools), an area that has become more and more important, but with less-than-desired results. The new chapter explores the challenges of Remote Demos and provides guidelines, best practices and some sage tips to increase the effectiveness and interactivity of these demonstrations.

An additional chapter presents Managing Evaluations (For Fun and Profit), offering excellent advice and specific guidance on when or when not to do POC’s and evaluations, how best to organize for success, and how to establish and receive value for POC’s or evaluations you run with customers – this last point has proven to be very valuable in Great Demo! Workshops, where participants have reported turning free evaluations into paid ones.


Great Demo! is available both in paperback and a variety of electronic formats, including Kindle, Amazon Audiobook, Nook and PDF. List price is $23.95 per copy, plus applicable tax and shipping, and the book can be purchased directly from The Second Derivative in electronic format (PDF) or online at www.Amazon.com in hardcopy, Kindle or Audiobook formats (US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, Japan, China) and www.BarnesandNoble.com in hard copy or Nook formats.

Look Me In the Eye

Julie Hansen

2021 Top Sales Book, Gold Medal Winner

Envision a virtual meeting that feels as if you’re sitting across from someone having a cup of coffee. Impossible? Not anymore.

Look Me In the Eye reveals how actors, television reporters, and digital influencers build personal relationships through the screen—and how to apply these same skills to your virtual meetings, video calls, or recordings!

Many relationships never progress past “you’re on mute.” Why? Essential qualities you may easily convey in person, like trust, empathy, and authenticity, get lost on video. Actor and virtual communications expert Julie Hansen shares eye-opening—and often counter-intuitive—techniques to adapt to the camera’s constraints and communicate with greater influence, credibility, and engagement.

Whether you’re a salesperson, a business leader, or an entrepreneur, this ground-breaking guide offers a year’s worth of unique and practical tips and exercises for creating a near in-person experience in a virtual or hybrid world.

For example, you’ll learn:

  • How to establish a personal connection with one person or one thousand on video
  • When you absolutely, positively must look at the camera (and when it’s OK to sneak a peek!)
  • How to avoid Resting Business Face and other self-sabotaging virtual behaviors
  • A simple acting technique for connecting with those not on video
  • How to read body language, present content, and manage tools—while staying engaged with your audience

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