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Great Demo! - 3rd Edition

Peter E. Cohan
“A Masterpiece of Modern Presales Wisdom”

Many presales, sales, marketing, and customer success practitioners say they are skilled at doing demos – but are they?

A head of presales commented, “They don’t know what they don’t know…! 50% of our sales opportunities end in ‘No Decision’ and 30% of our demos are just pure waste. We must move from our traditional approaches to a validated, proven methodology that succeeds…!”

Assess where your team is on these ten levels of proficiency:

Organizations that reach Level 4 enjoy substantial competitive advantages vs their peers, those at Level 7 gain critical differentiation, and teams at Level 10 experience remarkable scaling and amplification rewards.

Consuming and performing the exercises in this book has proven to transform individuals, teams, and organizations from undifferentiated vendors into high-performing experts who truly enable buyers, resulting in mutually successful outcomes that win more deals, generate higher levels of revenue more efficiently, and create happier customers.

Over 42,000 copies of Great Demo! have been purchased to-date, including over 2,050 copies of the new Third Edition

Great Demo! Third Edition is available in paperbackKindle, and Audiobook formats.

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Doing Discovery

Peter E. Cohan
A head of sales commented, “80% of my team believes they do a good job with discovery, but sadly they do not – they don’t know what they don’t know…!”
Where do you stand with your discovery skills?
Most sales, presales, and customer-facing teams are operating at Level 2 or 3, with a few at Level 4 – this leaves a lot of room for improvement!

And, as Cohan notes, “the vendor who is perceived by the prospect as doing a superior job in discovery is in a competitively advantageous position.”

Reading and following the exercises in Doing Discovery can transform individuals, teams, and organizations from undifferentiated sellers into high-performing practitioners who achieve their sales objectives while truly enabling buyers, resulting in mutually successful outcomes that endure.

There are now over 5,900 copies purchased, including over 1,250 Audiobooks. Advantage goes to the early adopter!

Doing Discovery is available in paperbackKindle, and Audiobook formats.

Doing Discovery Edizione Italiana is also available here in Kindle format. Godere!

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Storytelling isn’t an art, it’s a science — and we teach it. With poorly structured demos being one of the main reasons that sales fail, we’ll teach you how to keep your customers engaged so that your

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