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Another Face-to-Face Demo Tip: Not a Fan of Laser Pointers!

Why? Numerous reasons:

  • There is a terrible tendency for presenters to circle the spot around and around and around, leaving the audience watching the moving spot as opposed to taking in the area on the screen.
  • Most people cannot use laser pointers smoooothly and deliberately and instead have the laser spot whipping all over the place.
  • They are often too bright, making it difficult to see the area on the screen.
  • They don’t work well on many flat screen and TV displays (the displays have coatings that disperse the laser light, as opposed to direct reflection).
  • Their batteries die just when you need them most.
  • They are illegal in a number of countries, particularly the more powerful varieties.

Recommendations for pointing instead of laser pointers?

  1. Use your hands: They travel easily, they are readily available, and can be used expressively. I also recommend the “Two-Finger” pointing method (or the Full-Hand method) for maximum precision and clarity.
  2. Use a telescoping pointer: Again, easy to transport as well as to deploy, use, and return to a “ready” position. Also great as swag or a give-away item to the best performers on the team (some readers may recall the highly coveted Great Demo! emblazoned “Encrispenators”).
  3. Use an old-school stick pointer: You are able to point smoothly and precisely, and they can double as a tool to whack audience members who get out of line!
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