It is now more important than ever to connect and succeed in the sale of software products and services – and your team’s demonstrations are a critical component of successful sales and marketing processes.

We help software companies:

  • Recognize when demos aren’t getting the job done – or need to improve
  • Implement processes and tools to improve your results
  • Sustain those improvements as you grow and change

About Great Demo!

We’ve been helping software sales, presales and marketing organizations improve their results and processes since 2003, via Workshops, Seminars, Webinars, Coaching, Keynotes and other events delivered around the world to thousands of participants.

Much of our business comes from further engagements with existing customers and direct referrals. Our customers report remarkable, tangible results immediately following an event and on a sustained basis over years.

About The Principal

Peter Cohan founded Great Demo! (and The Second Derivative) in 2003 to address the challenge of bringing a method for consistent success to the process of creating and delivering software demonstrations. He has a successful track-record as an agent of change in both internal and external roles.

In 2003, Mr. Cohan published the first edition of Great Demo!, the book that presents the demonstration methodology generated and practiced through the experience of thousands of demonstrations. The 2nd Edition of Great Demo! was published in March 2005.

Mr Cohan launched the DemoGurus Community Website in 2004 to provide a high-value, evergreen forum for gathering and delivering best practices on demonstration methods and tools for the business software community.

The Great Demo! Group on LinkedIn was formed in October 2009 to serve as a Great Demo! Users’ Group (and as a modernized replacement for DemoGurus).

Prior to The Second Derivative, Mr. Cohan enjoyed over 20 years in senior management, business development, sales and marketing roles. In 1998, he joined Symyx Technologies, Inc. to found Symyx’ Discovery Tools® business, which leveraged Symyx’ technology through providing access to systems, software, and intellectual property. As Vice President Discovery Tools, and then President Symyx Discovery Tools Inc., Mr. Cohan grew the organization from inception into a $30MM per year business.

Before Symyx, Mr. Cohan gained experience in the creation, implementation, and application of software tools and systems in support of pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and chemical research during 13 years at MDL Information Systems, Inc. While at MDL, he progressed through roles in technical marketing, product marketing, field marketing, sales, sales management and marketing management, culminating as Vice President Customer Marketing.

He holds a degree in Chemistry from the University of California at San Diego.

He currently serves on the board of directors of Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc., is on the advisory board of IN2SV/NeWallStreet, Inc. and is a mentor to StartX, the Stanford University start-up accelerator.

Mr. Cohan has experience as an individual contributor, manager and senior management in marketing, sales, and business development. He has also been, and continues to be, a customer.

+1 650 631 3694      PCohan@SecondDerivative.com

About The Great Demo! Partners

Paul H. Pearce

Paul Pearce brings over 22 years of technical sales leadership and experience to his Great Demo! training practice.  As the first certified Great Demo! training Partner, he has mastered the Great Demo! methodology and today contributes to its ongoing success and growth.  Having rolled out the Great Demo! methodology to every organization he has led, he understands the intricacies of the training and recommends ways to increase its success with practical lessons and real-world experience.

He has held leadership roles in Sales, Presales,  Field Enablement, and Business Development.  He most recently served as the Global Vice President of Solution Consulting for Ellucian where he has implemented the Great Demo! methodology leading to significant value transformation. Paul is now dedicated full time to Great Demo! as an advisor, coach and instructor.  Paul has authored several Great Demo! Master Series topics including Manager Best Practices, and Using Great Demo! in highly complex enterprise sales cycles.

Paul resides in South Dakota and Illinois and supports an international Great Demo! customer base.  His interests include travel, real estate investing and management, public service, and spending time with his spouse and family.  Paul can be contacted as follows:

+1 (630) 258-3459    PPearce@GreatDemo.com    www.GreatDemo.com

Art Fromm

Art Fromm provides real-world application of the Great Demo! methodology having been in roles as an enterprise software end-user and implementer, Sales Engineer, Account Manager, Sales Manager, and Sales Enablement Director.

Art began his career as a Mechanical Engineer but quickly moved into enterprise software applications, responsible for implementations, which led to sales roles where he routinely surpassed revenue and performance targets.  Building on this 20-year history, he moved into an internal Sales Enablement role in 2000, and in 2004 founded his own company with a focus on helping Account Managers and Sales Engineers win more business – Team Sales Development (TSD).

Art has developed and delivered dozens of different types of workshops for Project Managers, Sales Engineers, Account Managers, Channel Teams, and Partner Sales audiences, including Opportunity Management, Consultative Selling, Webinar Mastery, Customer-Buying Process, Negotiation Skills, and Financial Selling.

You will benefit from Art’s broad experience, as evidenced by the impact he has had on his client’s business including in one case improving win-rate from 58% to 74%.  Art’s highly interactive facilitative style and ability to relate to individual participants, has become a hallmark of workshop delivery around the world. Art has worked with organizations in the IT, Telecom, Software, Manufacturing, Supply-Chain, and Engineering industries, to name a few.

Art holds a BSME degree from the University of Buffalo, a Project Management Certificate from the University of Alabama, and has studied adult learning principles and training development through Friesen, Kay, and Associates.

Art lives in Pittsburgh, PA, enjoys spending time with his spouse and family, traveling for business and pleasure, working on remodeling projects, and helping family and friends.

Art can be contacted as follows:

+1 (716) 799-7797    AFromm@GreatDemo.com     https://www.teamsalesdevelopment.com

Natasja Bax

Natasja Bax is our facilitator located in the Netherlands. Natasja has been running her own business, “The DemoScene”, for several years, delivering demo and presentation skills training.

Previously, she was a seasoned presales professional at SAP and has strong understanding of ERP and similar solutions. Natasja speaks Dutch and English fluently and has basic knowledge of German.

Natasja can be contacted as follows:

+31 (30) 761 0631    NBax@GreatDemo.com    www.thedemoscene.nl

Julie Hansen

Julie Hansen has coached thousands of technical sales and pre-sales professionals around the world to deliver more compelling and persuasive demos and presentations.  She has developed and facilitated a variety of training options for technical sales teams, including a training program adopted by several Fortune 500 companies.

Prior to forming her company, Performance Sales and Training, Julie held sales and leadership roles in several competitive industries, including technology. Julie also worked as a professional actor, appearing in over 50 plays, commercials and television shows, including HBO’s hit series, Sex & the City.

Julie is the author of two books: Sales Presentations for Dummies (Wiley), a contemporary guide to crafting and delivering a winning presentation or demo, and ACT Like a Sales Pro! (CareerPress), blending best sales practices with proven tactics from acting and improvisation.

Top Sales World named Julie a Top Sales Blogger for three years running and her articles appear regularly in a variety of sales publications, including Selling Power Magazine and regional business publications.

When Julie’s not on the road training, she can be found enjoying the great Colorado outdoors.

Julie can be contacted as follows:

+1 (303)-717-3935    Jullie@ActingForSales.com    www.performancesalesandtraining.com

Kerry Sokalsky

Kerry Sokalsky is the Founder and President of Presales Mastery, delivering high-impact demo performance improvement through personalized one-on-one coaching and a comprehensive 95-metric demo performance best practices framework.

Kerry started Presales Mastery in 2018 to enhance the efficacy of demo enablement programs like the Great Demo through longer-term one-on-one coaching to reinforce key learning concepts and convert them to sellers’ sales muscle memory, and to focus on individuals’ unique skill gaps that may not be addressed in group settings.

Kerry has over 15 years of global presales and sales enablement leadership experience at both dynamic software startups and Fortune 50 firms, and is an accomplished demo coach, bringing his clients both first-hand demo experience, having delivered over 1,000 custom enterprise demos over his career, along with a breadth of perspectives, having worked with dozens of presales organizations across the globe.

Kerry can be contacted as follows:

+1 (416) 822-2011   kerry@presalesmastery.com    https://Presalesmastery.com