Two Presales in a Pod – Podcast Recording - Champion Enablement - Great Demo

Two Presales in a Pod – Podcast Recording – Champion Enablement

If you are hungry for more recordings, here is a wonderful appetizer for you: Episode 66 – Champion Enablement.

From the Legumes:

“This episode Adam Freeman and Don Carmichael welcomes a very special guest, Peter Cohan. We talk about how to identify a Champion within a Buyer, what might be motivating them, and how their previous experience of buying Tech changes their approach. We look at whether it’s even a Sales Engineer/PreSales Consultants job to enable a Buyer champion or whether that’s just some Sales Execs do. We talk about how the definition of a Champion and where you find them in an organisation has changed in recent years. Focusing on the Enablement topic, we also discuss what a Champion might want from us, what we would want from them and how much we should be anticipating their needs.”

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of this 34-minute podcast:

  • What is a champion?
  • What are other terms for champions?
  • Understanding prospects’ job titles…
  • Types of champions…
  • Buying simple tools vs complex solutions
  • Lower-level champions
  • Numbers and outcomes
  • An example of one type of champion
  • Another example: Technology Scouts
  • Navigating the various political, cultural, and business landscapes
  • Is cultivating champions a presales or sales responsibility?
  • An example of a champion guiding a demo
  • Who is enabling whom?
  • “What can I do to help?”
  • “Have you done this before?” “First-time or experienced buyer?” “First-time or experienced champion?”
  • Even more types of champions and drivers – “Three camps”
  • Guidance from a CFO – building the business case – and champion enablement
  • Portfolio analysis vs single-point purchases
  • FOMU: Fear Of Messing Up
  • Adam’s villa in Spain…
  • Vendor experience vs champion experience – some examples of proactive champion enablement – vendor onboarding, data/privacy surveys, security surveys, environmental impact assessments, diversity, etc.
  • Customer Perception Is Everything! Letting your champion drive the demo
  • A terrifically awful pun by Don
  • Champion and Buyer Enablement summarized: Anticipating and proacting
  • Influence mapping
  • “Go be a customer!” And “Would you buy the way you sell?”

Grab a bite here!

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