24 Demo Nuggets: The Tony Moze Podcast – The Psychology of a Great Demo! - Great Demo

24 Demo Nuggets: The Tony Moze Podcast – The Psychology of a Great Demo!

I joined Tony Moze for this 59-minute exploration of:

  • The origin stories behind Great Demo! and “Do the Last Thing First”
  • The value of “Get to the point…” and BLUF
  • Scientific journal article writing and how it applies to Great Demo!
  • Demos and theatre, trust and credibility
  • Mapping your delivery to your prospect’s various players
  • Demos with multiple personas or job titles
  • The spaghetti demo
  • Personalities and demos
  • Interviewing for presales positions
  • Victims of momentum
  • Demo skills improvement: small increments vs major step-change
  • Problem awareness vs willingness vs making actual change
  • Presales breadth of roles vs specialization
  • Highly effective and inspirational teachers
  • Color blindness and software
  • Presenting to non-native English speakers
  • Who should read Great Demo!
  • Go be a prospect
  • Entertainment and demos
  • Facts vs analogies and metaphors vs stories
  • Elements of storytelling and demos
  • Proof of the power of story telling
  • Demos via a napkin
  • Using customer success stories in demos

The introduction consumes the first 2.5 minutes of the podcast; the trouble begins at the 3-minute mark.

You can find the podcast here. Enjoy!

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